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Common call for action on European Research Council (ERC)

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52 European scientific organisations speak with common voice on ERC

August 6, 2004 - 'Science magazine' today published a letter co-signed by over 50 European scientific organisations calling for urgent action on the establishment of a European Research Council (ERC) - a pan-European funding organisation for basic research at a European level. A mass petition of this kind on science policy is almost unheard of in Europe and indicates the importance these organisations attach to the ERC debate.

The appeal was launched by the Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE), an association of 11 organisations established in November 2002 to promote basic science at a European level. Further endorsement came from 41 leading European scientific organisations, associations and research institutes representing the full range of scientific disciplines including the social sciences and humanities.

With the ERC debate having gained considerable momentum in 2004, the appeal warns of the danger of complacency and calls for acceleration of the work being done to establish an ERC. The petition also stresses the importance of involvement of the European scientific community in the organisation of an ERC and the need to adhere to strict criteria of scientific excellence.

For more details read the letter in Science or go to the ISE website: